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This post is dense. So many links but all for good reason. Before we scroll down for a hearty dose of self promotion, I need to say thank you. Because you read this blog, or because you come to look at the pretty pictures, we have been given the opportunity to create cookbooks. Two of them! I appreciate that I have this space and that you visit it and perhaps own our first cookbook and even use it. That is so incredibly strange and flattering for me. Our second cookbook, Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon, will be available March 31st and I would be so excited if you would preorder it on AmazonB&NIndieBoundGoogle Books, or iBooks. I'm anxious that it will finally be "out there" but ready for all that comes with that chapter as well. I started the manuscript well before I was even pregnant so it seems this has been a part of me, our life, for some time now. Much like a band who puts out a second record, it is tough to create something when there is an expectation. In design and style Bowl+Spoon mimics the first book and this blog, but like I mentioned a few posts back, there is something that feels more casual, more everyday, about this one. I like that. It feels so true to what is happening at our table.

Included here is a promo video shot by our talented friend Phillip Lopez. It's a peek into our home combined with a decent amount of unscripted (clearly) babbling on my own part. Also, Ten Speed Press created a little excerpt so I could share a few of the recipes in the book with you. It makes it all feel so real! Lastly, I'm including a few dates we have events set up. If you live in these areas, please please come! If anything, it'll be worth the trip to see how excessively I talk with my hands when I'm nervous. Kind of like a mime show. These events will be updated on our BOOK tab as new things come up. We are trying to rally something together on the east coast and perhaps a local pop-up dinner but stay tuned. I'll mention things on social media as well if you're into that sort of thing. Really truly I hope to meet some of you.


Thursday April 2nd 4:30-6:30pm

The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano CA

Launch party! Books available for purchase. I am partnering with New Belgium Brewery, Seven Daughters Wine, and our local Whole Foods to celebrate with a few bites and a beverage. If you live nearby, come say hi, give hugs and buy a book. It's an awesome space doing great things. 


Monday April 13th 6:30-8pm

Book Larder, Seattle WA

Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt and I will have a little chat about the book and talk bowls, inspiration, work and such. Would love for you to join. This event is $5 or free with purchase of a cookbook. There will be snacks! 


Tuesday April 14th 6:00pm

Omnivore Books, San Francisco, CA 

Book signing. 


Thursday June 4th Time TBD

Laguna Beach Books, Laguna Beach, CA

Book signing.  

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It really did live up to the hype of being 'the best day of my life'.

True love, whether it comes from a significant other, old friends, new friends or family, is an overwhelming feeling. We had SO many people who poured themselves into this event, there is no way I could have been anything but elated that entire day.

But let's start from the beginning. I have told you before that I am infatuated with Hugh, so my excitement towards actually getting married, put me ahead of the curve from the get go. I had dear friends, and coincidentally professionals, do my make-up and hair. My designer-sister made my dress, as well as the saucy bridesmaids dresses. I felt gorgeous (I think I'm allowed to say that, because it is a testament to my talented sister). She even sewed a patch inside that said "i love you sister". Yes, the heart swelling continues. I've never experienced as much giving and taking of love that I felt that day. I wish you were there, because words are tough.

We wanted a natural but put together look, and it turned out gorgeous. I had the creative juices of my mom and Whitney, to create the perfect ambiance. Hugh and his dad built the arch we stood under, my grandma and aunt sewed pillows, runners and couch covers. The list is long, but there were many hands involved in making it as gorgeous as it was. One of my favorite parts was the 'take a note, leave a note' wall I made instead of having a guest book. Hugh and I wrote notes to every guest, thanking them for coming and reminding them why they were important to us, and there were paper and pens to leave notes in return. It's going to be so neat to read those for years to come.

The dance party never stopped. Everyone had such a great time, that after we left, our friends... and some parents, jumped in the pool with their clothes on. First time in Ace Palm Springs history.

I must give shout out's to our team, because this is certainly not a project you pull off on your own:

- My sister, of Stone Cold Fox, for the dresses.

- James and Sergio for capturing every moment so well, and celebrating with us - we felt so lucky to have you both there.

- Whitney for being a flower and decorator mastermind.

- The man who made this party history, The Flashdance DJ.

- My supportive parents, who remain without a link, but have our utmost gratitude.

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