“Are they eating enough?”

“Ok, but are they eating enough vegetables?”

“I am embarrassed by how often they eat pizza or mac n cheese.”

Sound familiar?

I enjoy cooking and I really like eating, but we have two kids with opinions… about everything, actually. Feeding them can be tricky. I think there is a lot of angst from parents around their kids and food, and I want to take up space in that conversation.

Little Sprouts provides 30 recipes aimed at how to add vegetables into foods that your kids probably already like. I hope this makes meal time less of a strain on you (and them). I wrote two cookbooks before we had children and my cooking has evolved so much since then. Evolved because of them and because of myself, but this book feels like I am handing a collection of favorite recipes to a friend. Nothing to prove, no effort to impress you with my creativity - just real food that we prepare regularly for our kids, and it feels like it may help someone else trying to do the same.

Read more about Little Sprouts and try the Butternut & Black bean Quesadillas on the blog.