Tightly rolling clothes to snuggle into carry on luggage. Packing snacks. Watering the plants one more time, and tidying up for the simple pleasure of coming home to a clean house. The anticipation of going away builds by way of lists and errands - trying to make life out of a suitcase as easy as it can be. I'm always fascinated by airports and all the people going places (where are all of you going?). There are nuances of the actual traveling that are charming in their way, which is why I think both the heading out, being away and coming home are all so special. While packing up, I'm anxious for a change of pace. Trying new food, long strolls down new streets with my favorite person, and someone else making my bed, but am also challenged by living outside of my daily comforts and routines. Said routines are lively these days, but they are still routines, and I am happy in that.

Included in this entry are a few images Hugh captured (via iPhone and Fuji X100) while we were visiting Seattle. We had some really great food, I met some truly lovely readers at a couple book related events, spent time with dear friends, and reveled in the excuse to sit in coffee shops and read without feeling the self-imposed guilt of "being productive." Away. Home. The cycle keeps me feeling alive. 

Favorite Seattle spots: Analog Coffee, Milstead Coffee, Essex, Paseo Carribean, Revel, Walrus and the Carpenter, Sitka and Spruce (holy heavens, this beet dish, I will try and replicate because I'm still thinking about it), The Book Larder and Ashley Rodriguez's cookies.

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There is something that stirs in me as soon as I get off of a plane. It is a relief.

Weeks pass and the weight of everyday life builds up - the deadlines, cleaning, relationships, creative pressure, social planning and what not. I mull around in my own angst, which makes the world seem small. I lay awake at night worried that I am fresh out of ideas for the book - what vegetable have I not exhausted in my recipe writing yet? I needed this trip to get out of my own head. I needed to leave and to be reminded that this world is actually huge, that there is SO much out there, so many stories and things to try. I sat on the lightrail of Seattle en route to our hotel, just staring at all the people waiting to go somewhere and I wondered what they were worried about. We're all going to be alright... is it weird that I wanted to yell that out the window? For them and for me. Despite the amount of cheese and sugar I consumed in the past four days, my mind feels healthier.

I was thrilled to finally meet some friends I had, so far, only admired from my corner of the internet. We've exchanged emails and blog comments, but I got the chance to look at them in the face. It's strange how you feel like you know someone from behind a web address or twitter avatar, isn't it? Truth is, if they do it well and honestly, you pretty much do. Genuine people are easy to spot and a pleasure to know.

We spent our days with eating, walking, drinking coffee, and seeing friends on repeat. I just wanted to pop in here with a few words and a couple photos (Hugh didn't take many, he was busy eating), and assure you that after weeks of being burnt out of cooking in general, I feel more excited about being back in the kitchen. I'll bring you food next week, but 'til then, I think you should start planning a trip. Somewhere.


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