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I needed this recent trip to San Francisco for a number of reasons. A few I didn’t realize until I was home, back into my routine. It is a city of passion; of a good handful of crazies, but people are themselves. A man singing, full volume, while walking down the street. A number of open kitchens, inviting diners to watch chefs of all levels, articulate their craft. People playing musical instruments by the Embarcadero, eyes closed and internalizing the music they're creating. There seemed to be more ‘life’ happening than you see on a given day in a suburbia, and I loved it.

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The intention was to make a quick trip, as Hugh had a engagement session to shoot, and the remaining free time was very food focused. Following a number of recommendations from Heidi, we were well fed. Hugh holds Anthony Bourdain in high regard, (it’s tough not to trust someone so frank),so we trekked a number of miles to his recommendation for Red Java Hut. I can get giddy about food destinations, and this was Hugh’s turn to be giddy. Can you tell how interested I was by the pictures below?He is a man of consistency, and regardless of the variety up there, I think he always settled on some form of pizza or cheeseburger the entire three days.

As I mentioned, the passion truly comes through in the food. Perfect cappuccinos, some of the richest ice cream I’ve tasted (thank you for your spot on description, Tea!), and certainly an affinity for seasonal and local ingredients. I looked up about two dozen menus, and I think ‘sand dabs’ were on every single one. There is a food culture in San Francisco that even those not intrigued by gastronomy, can respect. I had no idea there was a sand dab season. Thank you, San Francisco.

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