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There is a recipe for a vegan mushroom tartlet in our first book that I can’t say I make often. How’s that for salesmanship? They use a tofu base for the filling and have this amazing almond meal crust that makes the meal friendly for people with dietary restrictions. I always dream about that crust, tender almond meal with just enough rosemary, so I turned it into a larger quiche-type recipe that fits a little more fluidly into our everyday. Because my kids wake up way too early, they are moody in the morning and seemingly hungry instantly, having things ready saves me from the whining and frustration that I can’t make food appear immediately. Hard boiled eggs, cut fruit, healthy muffins or grainy pancakes that I’ve made in advance help me throw things on their plates quickly so I can enjoy my coffee while it’s still warm. It also makes the moments when I spend time on something with a few more steps, that much more special. Sure, this recipe has a few steps and a couple dirty pans, but once it’s made, it’s truly an all day meal option that feels special. You could really go all sorts of ways with the vegetables in the filling - maybe some asparagus or slow roasted tomatoes with a saltier cheese. 

Many of our celebratory moments seem to happen over a special breakfast or brunch at home, so in honor of Greenpan’s 10th anniversary, we are sharing this recipe for an almond meal crust quiche. We talked a little more about their pans in my last post. This quiche has sweet potatoes, mushrooms, greens and creamy goats cheese on top. Mmmhmm. We had this for mothers day and I’m also bringing it to a picnic with a friend next week along with a simple green salad because it travels so well. You can visit Greenpan for information and a collection of recipes from some other talented bloggers. 

Almond Meal Quiche with Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms + Greens
Serves 6

The recipe will live here. Thank you for supporting me in doing sponsored work so I may continue to work on Sprouted Kitchen!

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