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Well that didn't turn out how I thought it would. I was so excited yesterday - grateful that at one point in history women weren't considered important or intelligent enough to even vote and now one may be president! That is huge. But today, feeling pretty disappointed that he is the best we could come up with, and with that, the vicious comments and hate that are being tossed around far lightly. I was encouraged by Glennon Doyle's words: 

Woman Warriors have always made beautiful worlds out of nothing.

Every time a child gets sick or a man leaves or a parent dies or a community crumbles, the women are the ones who carry on, who do what must be done in the midst of their own pain. While those around them fall away, the women hold the sick and nurse the the weak, put food on the table, carry their families' sadness and anger and love and hope. They keep showing up for their lives and their people with the odds stacked against them and the weight of the world on their shoulders. They never stop singing songs of truth, love, and redemption in the face of hopelessness. They are inexhaustible, ferocious, relentless.

We've been Warriors all along, and nothing will change that.

We are not what just happened. But we might be what we do next.

The world needs our relentless, inexhaustible, fierce, boundlessness love today more than it ever has before. So let's do what we do: Let's feed some hungry babies and clothe some hurting families and get the heat turned back on for as many as possible.

- Glennon Doyle Melton

I signed up for a vegetable side and a non-pie dessert for Thanksgiving. I didn't necessarily have any dishes in mind besides not liking overcooked green beans or marshmallows on my sweet potatoes and generally not liking pie. We are having dinner with Hugh's side and there are a lot of people - three generations down from a family of five kids and it makes for a full house and a pretty random spread sometimes. So what is "of the season" but not pie? I understand the buttery crust is a vehicle for flavorful fillings and some people are all about it, but I will take most anything else before pie. The crust is a little plain and the filling usually overly sweet to compensate and I'll just take a scoop of the a la mode portion please. I tinkered with a pumpkin pie filling, cleaning it up as much as I could, and made a rough crust of dates, nuts and oats to carry it. Before the whipped topping, it resembles a breakfast good, I would suggest it for such - kind of like granola on the bottom with barely sweetened squash goodness on top. I heaped creaminess on top and sprinkled a little turbinado sugar and I'm already excited to eat this again in a couple weeks.

Remember we get to choose to be good to each other. 

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PUMPKIN PIE TART // Serves 8-10

The tart is both gluten and dairy free and then I leave the whipped topping decision to you. You could make a coconut cream or go straight whipping cream and both options are in the published recipe. If you are taking this somewhere to share, a hot tip I learned was to add a couple tablespoons of mascarpone or cream cheese to the whipping cream and it'll help it stay set for longer. I also love the depth of flavor. This direction does take us away from the dairy free camp but is delicious. The coconut cream should keep fine as long as it is cold. 

You can find the full recipe here. This recipe was created in partnership with Electrolux.

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