Entrée, Fall


The temperature, the air, the light. It seemed to literally happen overnight in Southern California. That very day I made a metallic tasting pumpkin loaf and actually bought myself a pair of ankle boots which is exciting considering 80% of my shoes are hand me downs from my sister, so, we see you October! A stream of consciousness and links below, which I may do more often figuring it's tough to always have something to share.

- We are major hot cocoa people here so I am excited for Laura's recipe. Our house recipe is almond or coconut milk cocoa with fresh whipping cream for ironys' sake (we manage to keep this full and readily available) PS. I was able to see a sneak peak of her book and it is majorly amazing. I think hitting the creative yet still useful and practical balance is tough and this girl has got it down.

- The updates to our kitchen have moved at a snails pace. Or maybe something even slower than that? It's nothing over the top, but decisions and mistakes and babies and doing it yourself etc. have slowed us down. We are planing to post a few pictures in a couple months as I'm just waiting on a few finishing touches. I am recently into this, this and this for home inspiration. 

Cleo is crawling so dresses just get filthy and tangled but oh my tender heart parts for little girls in holiday dresses. And speaking of kids, as a multi-tasking addict, I agree with this quick article on Cup of Jo. My toddler still whines and cries all the time, but I notice a difference. 

A few of my good friends had babies last week. I am making a double batch of this roasted butternut pasta to deliver and for us to eat. But maybe with pepitas instead of pistachios cause those got $$$. Perhaps one of my favorite recipes here and it takes sausage well if you are feeding meat eaters.

We added a 'tools' page which will continue to be in process. We get questions on both Hugh's photo equipment and kitchen stuff so it'll help to have a page to reference. I always appreciate hearing what things you all are loving too. 

This recipe was created in partnership with Electrolux. You can find the recipe here

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