Entrée, Winter


I know a new year is on the horizon and I should be thinking of goals and be excited for fresh beginnings, but to be honest, the discomfort of having a full grown baby in my mid section has slowed me down. The only new beginning I am interested in is having some semblance of my body back. We'll go from there. That is not a complaint, I know my words can get misinterrpreted in this space, but I'm ready to hold her in my arms instead of my hips and lower back. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We're ordering take out, playing blocks by the fire and keeping social plans light for now. I hope this season has included some rest for you between the crazy. I know giving ourselves a break is harder than it sounds.

The thing about writing recipes for work is that it pushes you to try things outside of your normal. Late-pregnancy-Sara is just trying to get through the day, so our meals are often routine. I like the nudge to change it up, even if I have to be forced by deadlines and a paycheck. We've been working with the Electrolux blog this past year along with Ashley and will be again in 2016. The following recipe is one we recently shared there. I make a basic turkey bolognese with tons of minced vegetables in it for an easy meal delivery to a friend or for Hugh and Curran to have something ready in the fridge. I used the same starter ingredients but replaced the protein with a mix of mushrooms to keep it vegetarian. Vegetables don't give the same depth of flavor or fat that meat does, but I find mushrooms are the closest stand in and they contribute great flavor. It's been extra chilly, so perhaps a warm pasta dinner and a big green salad should be on your menu soon too. 

Happy New Year, loves!


Visit the Electrolux live.love.lux site for the full recipe along with many others!

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