I don't like routine. Never the less, I settle into one to a certain degree. The days change between working at home and away from home, meeting up with friends, and getting some exercise, but give or take, the pace is pretty similar. I was under a bit of pressure this past week, as far as responsibilities raining on me/us a bit, and I am relieved things are starting to clear up. Amongst other things, Sprouted Kitchen got kicked off the internet. We got booted by our old host, and Hugh managed to transfer everything to this wonderful new place (the fact that he teaches himself how to do these things is beyond impressive in my opinion, as all the back end stuff seems like a foreign language). You will notice the design is quite simple and parts will be updated as we figure things out, but we at least wanted to have the existing content up for you. There will likely still be some glitches in the next month, so bear with us. It feels refreshing, and while not exactly what we hope for the site to be yet, it exists! So that's a start.

We are heading to Mammoth Mountain for the weekend with some friends, and next week we'll be back on our game with a new post that has nothing to do with pink and red valentines things.

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