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What a beautiful country. Edinburgh was mesmerizing with its old cathedrals, a castle built atop an old volcano, tiered parks with people reading and eating, peeking down secret alleys and staircases that you only find in Europe. We took the train to a few other places as well, enjoying the view you'd likely overlook while traveling by car. The wedding we were there for was set on a stunning property, and the ambiance was so casual and friendly. Men wore kilts as I was hoping they would, as I needed something to fulfill my stereotype. This time of year, the sun sets around midnight and rises again around 4am, so its tough to adjust your body clock. We watched a lot of the World Cup, which I didn't mind as the energy towards the sport over there makes it fun. Time goes by more slowly when you are away from home. It was refreshing to be away from the phone and constant internet access. I loved having Hugh to myself, and not feeling like there is something else I should be doing. We need travel breaks, a new space, whether they are one hour or fifteen hours away.

This trip was not about food. A menu is typically a lot of starch and hearty meats, so we made a lot of picnics from the market. I have no complaint about this, I love picnics. We both enjoy sitting somewhere new and reading, people watching, and sharing

Kinder Buenos

. If you have traveled overseas, this chocolate candy is all over the place. It's far from healthy, but I am a sucker for the chocolate and hazelnut combo.

I am excited to be back here; anxious to get in the kitchen and make up for the vegetables I've been lacking in the past two weeks. Thanks for being patient, recipes coming soon!

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