It hasn't completely sunk in, but the holidays are paving their way. The tree lots are popping up, we've got our Thanksgiving assignments and little white lights are slowing starting to line the houses in our neighborhood. I've got tubs of peppermint ice cream (my absolute favorite) in the freezer and there is a blooming white poinsettia on the porch. I just began to feel taken by the sentiment of this time of year in craving more time with friends and family, reflecting on the past year with thanks. Days pass and then you look back at a years time and so much has happened. So much! I know I have a ton to be thankful for. The big things like a kind and funny husband, a supportive family (two of them now!) a great place to live and good food. But the little things are not lost on me either. I just hope we all take the time to soak it all in.

This snack cake is my last non-festive treat before I jump into the holiday dishes with two feet. You don't get much less festive than banana cakes this time of year, but I couldn't help myself. I'm now ready to burn out on pumpkin and peppermint with the rest of you. I've been having a thing with almond meal lately, as I appreciate the flavor, extra protein and the crumbly texture in my baked goods. Because it is gluten free, I am careful when I use it exclusively, to make sure everything stays together. You could go all almond meal if need be, but know it will be a fragile cake. Here, I mix in a bit of spelt flour (wheat free, but not gluten free) and it yields that delicate texture while tasting pleasantly grainy from the spelt.
It's a tasty little snack, a perfect compliment to afternoon coffee, but personally, a distraction to keep Hugh out of my peppermint ice cream.

The cream frosting is from So Good and Tasty via My New Roots

You could use sweetened coconut if that is what you have on hand, just know your cake will be a bit sweeter. I gathered a tip from Kamran's recent post, and think it's perfect for baked goods with almond meal. I pull it out a tad early and cover it with a dishtowel to hold the steam in and it keeps it moist. He leaves his cake covered for 8 hours, I felt mine was good after an hour. Lastly, I have found that nut meals dry out quicker, so keep it air tight and it should last you 2-3 days. They have a great, well priced almond meal at Trader Joe's.

1 Cup Almond Meal
1/2 Cup Spelt Flour
1/2 Cup Unsweetened, Shredded Coconut
1 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
1/2 Cup plus 2 Tbsp. Light Muscavado Sugar
1/4-1/2 tsp. Cinnamon, plus extra for finishing
Few pinches of Fresh Grated Nutmeg

2 Large, Extra Ripe Bananas
1/3 Cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, warmed to a liquid
2 Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Cashew Cream
1/2 Cup Raw Cashews, soaking in water for an hour
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk
1 Tbsp. Honey or Maple
1 tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

Preheat the oven to 350'.
Sift all the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.
In another bowl, smash the bananas really well, breaking down the chunks. Add the oil, eggs, vanilla and mix. Stir the wet into the dry ingredients.
Grease an 8x8 glass baking pan and pour in the mix. Bake on the middle rack for about 22-24 minutes. Being sure the center is just set.
Allow it to cool for about 5 minutes, cover it with a dish towel and let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour as it re-absorbs some of the steam.
For the cream, drain the cashews and put them in a food processor with the coconut milk, honey and lemon juice. Process until smooth, scraping down the sides as necessary. It will have a bit of texture to it. The cream will keep in the fridge for about a week.
I prefer to add a bit of the cream to each piece as eaten, not frost the whole cake. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Reader Comments (61)

Sara, this cake looks so tasty! Here in Sydney banana prices are finally back to normal after months and months of almost no bananas or hideously high prices. I might have to make this for M., I'm still doing sugar-free challenge so no fruit allowed ;-) Great recipe!

November 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMaria @ Scandifoodie

this looks super delicious! i love coconut esp paired with banana! i can't wait to try this

November 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteroh sweet escape

I agree, I am so over the pumpkin. I cant wait to make this Sara! I will use all almond flour and honey but Im sure it will turn out great, thank you for the inspiration!

November 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCoco

Oh my, what an incredible cake! I love all the flavors together in this!

November 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSimply Life

I was sold on the title! Love banana and coconut, and cashews, well love those too.

November 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNatashia@foodonpaper

So many of my favorite things in one beautiful package. Can't wait to try this!

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

What an exotic-tasting treat! I love all those flavors of coconut, cashews and banana.

It's good to be appreciative of the small things. Those make up most of our lives, right?

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMagda

Tolkien famously interpreted "cellar door" as one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. Clearly, he was unfamiliar with the phrase "snacking cake."

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJ

Coconut is becoming my favorite thing this time of year.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTracy

So much has happened this year, you are so right! The biggest of course was getting married, to a man who loves coconut and banana just about as much as he loves me! Our wedding cake was coconut and I make him coconut cakes for all special occasions. I love the idea of adding banana and almond meal. This will cake will certainly be featured at our next celebration, thank you.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commentertalley

That looks perfect. I have a couple of very ripe bananas in the fruit bowl at the moment. Is there a difference between almond meal/flour and just fine ground almonds? The almonds are usually blanched?


November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

I've been on an almond meal kick as well and made a batch of almond-banana muffins Sunday morning. This sounds like a real treat with the cashew cream.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteradrienne

Without fail, your recipes are awesomely creative and inspiring. I love holiday cooking, too, but need a breather every now and again and I think this fits into the holidays in that capacity without a doubt.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKimberley

@Melissa - technically, almond meal is just ground almonds, and almond flour is ground blanched almonds. I believe you could use either here, though baking purists would disagree. I go for the meal as its typically less expensive.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSara

I would like to put this coconut cream on a lot of baked things. Mmm. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKelsey

wow I love coconut, this looks delicious!

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterfotograf lublin

Snacking cakes are appropriate anytime of the year in my book. I have an oatmeal snacking cake that is my go-to recipe, but banana would be a great addition to it. Plus it'll give me a reason to make a dent in the banana colony that is growing in my freezer.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAllison

I love the combo of spelt and almond flour- this looks like such a delicious take on banana bread/cake creations. and cheers for cashew creme, i love that stuff!

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterandrea devon

Lovely flavor combination. These sound fantastic. x

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCaroline

Sara, What can I say—this is my kind of tea cake. All coconut and bananas with a bit of nutty heartiness to boot. It screams make me now before the holiday rush and the roasting pie frenzy begins. You know, I think I'm going to listen.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterart and lemons

This looks delicious! Any recommendations on a gluten free substitution for the spelt flour?

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer Wittlin

Sara, I couldn't agree with you more on the pumpkin and peppermint bit. Although I do love a good pumpkin pie and peppermint-kissed desserts, it just a bit much, sometimes. I love that you used almond meal in this- it's just so great in so many baked goods, I feel. Especially in cakes like these that taste absolutely heavenly with it; the flavor, the texture, and the moistness that it lends to baked goods is just great! Also- thank you for the kind mention! :)

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKamran Siddiqi

seriously, i could live off of peppermint ice cream....i just can't find really, really good tasting. mother's carries an okay organic brand, but unless you're making it from scratch, which i'm sure you're doing {prolly milking your own cow for the milk too aren't you} it just isn't as good.


p.s. oh yes...and of course, cake looks amazeballs!!

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkatie

I love the concept of a snacking cake, although if truth be told, all my cakes turn into snacking cakes because I can't keep away from them! I've been on a pumpkin bread lately but will probably turn back to banana bread soon. I love both kinds with homemade coconut butter, and coconut cashew cream sounds like a delicious way to kick it up a notch. :)

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKate

mmm...yes, please! i love it when i have all of the necessary ingredients on hand for a delicious-sounding recipe. since i'm gf, i'm going to try this with an all-purpose gf flour in place of spelt...we'll see... thanks for the non-pumpkin treat :)

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersamantha jillian

Wait, why have I never had peppermint ice cream!? I need to fix that. And I'll take a banana snack cake any time of year, what a great use for cashew cream! Glad you enjoyed it!

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJacqui


November 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbetty

Oh wow, that cashew cream looks amazing. I have never used raw cashews to make icing but I adore the idea - yum!

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKatie@Cozydelicious

oh wow delicious love the sound of the cashew cream!

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbetty

Looks so yummy! Love that you topped it with cashew cream :)

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWinnie

I swoon over your blog. The color and imagery are so beautiful and always inspire me to try new things. This dessert looks so delicious! Banana and coconut? Yes, please!

November 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNicole

[...] Banana Snacking Cake with Cashew Cream - from Sprouted Kitchen [...]

this recipe is great! i made it for thanksgiving and substituted a 15oz can of pumpkin for the bananas and brown rice flour for the spelt flour to make it gluten-free. the cashew cream compliments the flavors in the cake. it was super moist and got rave reviews. i will definitely make it again with bananas! thank you!

November 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjoy

[...] Banana Snacking Cake with Cashew Cream. I love any cake that's called a SNACKING cake. [...]

November 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterI love lists Friday! ›

This cake is lovely! Can't wait to try!

November 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKatrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

I was so happy to find your blog--I really appreciate your focus on "clean eating." This recipe looks delicious, and I look forward to following you in the future. Happy Leftover Day! :)

November 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterthe tasty tRuth

That sounds and looks soooo good! Thanks!

November 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDejuanna Blackburn

Banana sweet is great. Combining it with cashew coconut cream I'll bet is even better. Bookmarked to try.

November 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTender B.

It's been way too long since I made something with banana...and that cashew coconut cream looks amazing!

I just made this for our staff meeting tomorrow. I made a few mini cakes, so I could try it out tonight. Truly to die for!!! I used whole wheat flour, as we don't have spelt flour here in Costa Rica. And I added a couple extra bananas, as they were little ones. So delicious!!! Thank you for another amazing recipe!

November 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkrysta

I love the combination of banana and coconut. Might be fun to throw some shards of dark chocolate into the mix.

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBrandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

I just tried making these substituting buckwheat flour for the spelt and 1/4 c of agave for the sugar...And I made them into muffins. They are delicious! Love this recipe and am looking forward to making another batch asap.

So - what did you think about the Cashew Cream? I've been seeing it everywhere, thinking about trying it, but am curious on your GOOD was it? :)

December 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersarah @ two tarts

@ Sarah - I really like it! But I am super into nuts, I don't feel like they are second best to cream. If you are a whipped cream purist, no, it is certainly not the same, but it IS rich in its own way!

December 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSara

I made this today and turned out wonderful. I substituted the eggs for ground flaxseed and the result moist and yummy. I took pics and posted to my blog with link to your site.
thanks for a great recipe that's quick and delightful - love your blog!

December 12, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdiana

I am making this tomorrow! What are the directions on soaking the nuts? Hot/warm/cold water? I was searching for this information and something said to put salt in with it. Do you do that? Thank you!

January 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChelsey

I just stumbled on this recipe. It's definitely on the to-do list this weekend!

This sounds absolutely incredible. Love the ingredients !

January 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercelia

I was just telling my friend Danielle last night, actually, about cashew cream and all of its magic. I just made it for the first time for a recipe development project a few weeks back and it is my new favorite (I eat it plain!). I can't get enough. This looks absolutely delightful.

February 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMegan Gordon

What a great twist on The GlutenFreeGoddess' banana snacking cake! I've been making it with whole food tweaks for a few years now, too. I love the cashew cream frosting idea. I need some cream cheese frosting alternatives.

March 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

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