This is me, a food loving, wellness craving, veggie fiend, who enjoys the culture of enjoying a meal with friends and family. Whole, clean cooking that is about the food at hand.  

I get inspired when food is the purest form of itself. A peach from a farmer’s market at the end of August tastes exactly like a peach shouldI’ve worked at a grocery store and two farms, and can attest to the fact that eating seasonally will change your take on everyday cooking. My intention is to make food taste good through using natural ingredients: whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like. Not promising a lot of ‘meat and potatoes’ here, but a bit of indulgence will certainly wiggle in amongst the vegetables. I don't subscribe to one particular diet or foods that are labeled as "good" or "bad". I try to eat a lot of produce...that's the short story. What I can promise is that here, you will find recipes that use seasonal ingredients, with an intention to not overcomplicate natural foods. I don’t really measure, so the recipes are usually educated guesses that should work for you. Alter my suggestions based on your own tastes- a little more of this, a little less of that. This is art, not science…if you ask me. 

My love, Hugh, happens to be quite the talented photographer.  A completely self-taught, image-making mastermind. This blog is our adventure together; for him to take photos, me to learn more about cooking, and enjoy food in good company. We had a precious little boy, Curran, this past May and are even more smitten than we assumed we'd be.  

 We released our first cookbook with Ten Speed Press in early fall of 2012 - Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods. It is essentially an echo of the blog's style: a collection of breakfast, snacks, appetizers, mains and treat ideas. The book is mostly vegetarian and produce focused, and my goal is to bridge the gap between eating well and entertaining. The recipes are straight forward, adaptable and full of enough color and flavor to warrant serving to company. Our second book. Bowl + Spoon, will be due out in April 2015 - more information on that to come! 

 We look forward to your comments, and hope to bring you to a table with people you love. 




What kind of camera equipment does Hugh use?

I make most of the images you see on Sprouted Kitchen with a Canon 5D Mark III + Canon 50mm f/1.2L prime lens. For the tighter images, I'll use a Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro prime lens. 

For a complete rundown on what's in my bag or on my desk, you can click here.

Do you do giveaways and product review?

Not particularly, but if it is a product I really loved trying and it makes it's way into a recipe, I am more than happy to include your link in a post. We are entertaining the idea of doing sponsored posts as well, so email me via the contact form if interested!

Do either of you do freelance work?

Yes! Both recipe development and food photography, respectively, are careers we pursue outside of this space. What you see here on Sprouted Kitchen demonstrates our consistency of style, and if you like what you see, we're up for new projects and opportunities. 

Sara's favorite foods?

Eggs. Leeks. Greens of any sort. Ice Cream. Toasted + Unsalted Pistachios. 

Hugh's favorite foods?

Nutella. Cheeseburgers. Coffee. Bacon. And all things Sprouted Kitchen (luckily).


Image courtesy of James Moes.